35 Funny Tumblr Stories That Prove Gold Exist in The Thread

If you don’t know Tumblr by now, you really don’t have a reason to be here. But we are guessing you do, so we’re good. This article will show you 35 funny Tumblr stories that we all know tend to be the best part about this social network. 

People love sharing online, maybe it’s the easy way of doing it, or just the fact they can hide behind a username so they feel safer doing it, but what most seasoned internet users know, is that the gold content is in the comments. 

If you want to really go deep and get the best material, you have to go deep into the thread. that’s where the funniest Tumblr stories are, that’s pretty much true for every site and every social media network. 

Feel free to browse the list below of the most hilarious Tumblr stories and make sure to comment on the best one.

1. First of the Funny Tumblr Stories: The one channel motel 

2. Dad and child 

3. Being in rich people places

4. I’m not really here. I only exist on the internet

6. Grandparents cute stories

7. Senior week

8. The eye doctor

9. My new role model 

10. Killing me with love 

11. Dont’ fake it

12. Freshman in high school

13. Little girl in church

14. The local farm

15. Standing on the back of the bus

16. Popty ping

17. Applying for college 

18. Kindergarten girl 

19. Your sisters dad 

20. Stubbing my toe 

21. The 7th grade memory 

22. Stupid dude 

23. English teacher 

24. Getting kicked out of movies

25. Doing icebreakers in class 

26. Very urgent thought on my mind 

27. Mom pick up 

28. Do you wanna kiss 

29. Math class 

30. Old documents 

31. Ordering pizzas 

32. Only one channel motel again 

33. Skipping rocks on the lake 

34. First word – smart baby 

35. Scrapping my knee 

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