Automatic Ironing Machine for Home Effie Will Replace your Iron and Steamer

Meet the automatic ironing machine for home called Effie. This is something I never thought I would write in my life, but it turns out, people waste so much time on ironing their clothes that this was actually a longtime coming. 

The Effie ironing machine can handle 12 racks at one go, it just sucks them inside one by one and in a few minutes it comes out ironed and smelling good. So simple and easy

The creators of Effie, Rohan and Trevor thought of the idea and wanted to make the machine to be able to do three things: Iron, steam and dry, everything you need to keep your nice clothes nice and tidy for that business meeting or event. 

Here’s how every process work:


Here the Effie machine will press the shirt with two bars straightening the lines out.


Effie can emulate the steaming process by pushing steam into your more delicate clothes without even touching them. This allows the wrinkles to simply fall out.


This is simply blowing hot air on the clothes until the dry out.

As you can see from the images below, you can simply take the cloths straight out of the washing machine and hang them ( up to 12 at one go ) on the visible rack. The Effie machine will take the items one by one and being the process automatically. You don’t even have to separate colors or anything.

The machine uses a patent pending system that press the clothes and removes the wrinkles, it also uses a perfect combination of steam and heat to make sure your clothes are left undamaged but come out ironed and smelling good. 

The automatic ironing machine for home effie requires no set up and can simply be stored in the corner until you need it

You simply put your clothes on the visible rack and turn it on

Don’t worry, the machine knows each shirt is different so it can adjust to exactly the right height to get those wrinkles out

Rack up to 12 items at a time

Effie is very easy to use, no complicated setting, just a few simple buttons and let’s go

You can also choose for a range of scented pods to add a nice smell to your clothes 

The only thing we can say is where do we buy it! Check out the official Effie site here

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