This is The Quarantine Alphabet by Romanian artist Andrei Popa

People are living in isolation all over the globe right now and the Romanian illustrator Andrei Popa has created a quarantine alphabet that perfectly describes what living in isolation looks like. He says he has done it to pass the time and I think we can all relate to that and his artwork these days.

Social distancing and isolation have disturbed our normal way of life, yet it might have proved beneficial in some sort of way. We might want to use this slow paced-life to contemplate on your life, our choices, ourselves and start focusing on those simple things in life, like staring at your ceiling, meditating, reading a book on the balcony, having a nap in the afternoon.

Andrei Popa set out to illustrate all of these activities that “make us human”. Andrei likes to call himself a “storyteller with a drawing board” which always helps him capture “the perfect moment or situation”. The way he’s illustrated the Quarantine Alphabet makes me think of a Woody Allen character and funny enough he says he identifies with one as an artist.

His tapestry of our quarantine life is both serious and humorous. Designed in bright, contrasting colours, each illustration is a letter of the alphabet of our normal human beahaviour, but confined to our homes.  Life goes on and that is what we should celebrate these days. Somehow, our normal life finds its way through this whole situation.

The Quarantine Alphabet in the artist’s own words

Andrei has built both an alphabet and an apartment block in this artwork. You can see it window by window or letter by letter. Both ways, it functions “as a mirror of one’s self, and I am pretty sure that many will find themselves in at least one of the cases. From A to Z, every window is a different life, living a different personal story. And ABC that captures the aesthetic intimate spirit of life”, says Andrei describing his work.

He has created this specific artwork hoping he could raise money for non-profit organizations that fight against spreading fake news about COVID-19. So, it’s not only art, it’s art with a greater purpose.

Now, let’s have a look at this Quarantine Alphabet!

1. General cleaning while during quarantine

2. Trying to stick to a work-out routine during quarantine can be tough

3. Music always brings a little bit of happiness to that quarantine mood

4. Meditating or praying might not be a bad idea during quarantine

5. Cooking breakfast during quarantine becomes a ritual and it might be the first time in years when you have a proper breakfast

6. Getting a haircut is free during quarantine

7. You can work however you want during the quarantine. Just make sure you stick to the schedule!

In Andrei Popa’s Quarantine Alphabet, we see many more human activities, like playing video games, bathing, having sex, reading, looking at the ceiling, playing with your cat, or just relaxing in every way you can imagine. The quarantine will ask for your creativity to make all of these great and seem worthwhile for you and your soul.

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