How accurately can you draw logos from memory?

Are you a car aficionado? Can you recognize any car by its logo or, even more than that, by its forms and curves? Probably you can. But can you draw logos from memory? Yes, car logos. Since you stay home and relax, why not try this challenge by UK van retailer Van Monster?

What they did was ask 100 people to draw a couple of car logos from memory. 46 men and 54 women drew pretty accurate and absolutely terrible car logos and we’re here to take a look at them.

They didn’t only have to draw the logos, they also had to colour them. So, another thing to remember. And it seemed they remembered them quite right. 80% of the drawings had perfect colours, while a tad fewer (78%) had the shapes right. However, that is not all there is to a car logo and only 26% of the drawings were good, and 12% were almost perfect.

Does good branding help draw logos from memory?

Car manufacturers spend a lot of time and money on creating and upgrading their brand identity. And we know that a car is more than just “an object”. For most people, it becomes a companion, a “she” or “he”, a dear member of the family. People tend to develop a strong affection for their cars and therefore, a strong affection for a specific brand. Usually, this is what car manufacturers are betting most of their money on. So, to find out which of them succeeded, Van Monster set this challenge in motion. It was only made for UK.

“To find out which car logos the general public can recall with ease and which ones they struggle to remember, we asked 100 people to draw 10 badges from the well-known car makes in the UK as accurately as possible, purely from memory”, says the Van Monster official release.

They had over 1,000 drawings to analyze. The main points they followed were the shapes of the logos, the font, the colours, and those small details that make all the difference. So, are you curious to see which motoring legacies are so engrained in our collective memory, that they might stay there forever? Let’s take a look at the data provided by Van Monster!

1. Alfa Romeo

2. Audi

Audi has, maybe, one of the simplest badges in the automobile world. However, 7% of the people involved in the test failed to draw it accordingly.

3. BMW

BMW logo is another iconic car logo designed in 1927. The colours represent the Bavarian flag. Do you think they got it right?

4. Ferrari

Ferrari is mostly an aspirational brand and its logo was first painted by Enzo Ferrari himself. Then the colour yellow was added as it was the colour of his city of birth and then the Italian flag colors.

5. Ford

8. Peugeot

9. Renault

10. Toyota

11. Volkswagen

12. Vauxhall

Via van monster

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