34 Creative Hoodies That Prove a Hoodie is a Must Have Clothing Item

When you look at any of these creative hoodies designs, you will understand why a hoodie is much more than just something you throw on when you have nothing else to wear. Hoodies have become a fashion statement in recent years with so many designs and patterns that it’s clear that everyone must have at least one of them in their closet.

Below is a collection of the most creative hoodie designs we could find online, some are simple with only a wicked print on, while others are very unique and take the hoodie to a whole new level, what you like more, you will be the judge.

If you want to shop some awesome hoodies, here are a few websites that sell them and you can just browse and find the best one for you: sreadshirt.com | zazzle.com | redbubble.com | teepublic.com but make sure you look at our gallery first, for inspiration.

1. The list of creative hoodies starts with this awesome Captain America hoodie

creative hoodies



creative hoodies


5. Super Mario brothers



creative hoodies


9. If you want to creep your friends out, this is a good one


11. This is creative, a backpack with hoodie attached

creative hoodies


13. How to train your dragon hoodie

14. Batman looking at you bro


creative hoodies



18. Link from Legend of Zelda


creative hoodies

20. Little angel hoodie



23. This is a bid too much

creative hoodies


25. For the mommy who wants her baby close and warm

creative hoodies

26. I need this for my girl actually


28. Star Wars fan? This one is for you


creative hoodies

30. I love this design, it so sleek


32. Kids dino design

creative hoodies

33. The armor design hoodie for history fans

34. This is a cool hoodie with a nice design

creative hoodies

If you loved any of these creative hoodies and didn’t already moved to one of the sites selling them, make sure you also have a look at this cute cat hoodie with kangaroo pouch¬†

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