5 Things Your New Puppy Needs

If you are a first-time dog owner, you may be lost when it comes to preparing for your new arrival. Your puppy will be a small ball of fluff; it will also have big needs. In order to prepare for your new canine to come into your home, you are going to have to stock up on some essentials.

Let’s take a look at five things your new puppy is going to need to get the best start in life:

1. A Sturdy Crate

The first thing that your new puppy needs to kick start their training is a dog crate. A lot of people are scared of the metal wires and the idea of putting their furry friend in a cage.

But it is essential to realize that a crate is a great way to potty train your pooch and give them their own personal space. It actually satisfies their natural instincts to have a den.

Therefore, make sure that you purchase a crate that is going to be big enough for your pup when they are an adult. They should be able to stand up in the crate, as well as twist and move around comfortably.

2. A Durable Collar

When your puppy is old enough, it will be time to introduce daily walks. This can be exciting for you and your pooch. You can explore together! But this does mean that you will need a durable collar. This is going to keep them safe on a leash and allow them to go on an adventure with you.

Do not forget to purchase identification tags for your canine. This is going to make sure that they can be brought home if they get lost. It should include your phone number and address for someone that finds your dog.

Avoid putting your puppy’s name on the identification tag. Use your last name instead. You may also want to state that your dog is microchipped so that somebody could locate you by taking the pup to the veterinarian.

3. A Fluffy Bed

Of course, your new pup needs somewhere comfortable to sleep. It is best to encourage them to sleep in their own bed to begin with. They will enjoy regular naps when they are young and this is a great time for training to begin.

Dogs love fluffy beds and somewhere they can snuggle and keep warm. You can also add your own cushions and Woof Blankets are going to help create a relaxing and safe den for your canine.

4. Quality Dog Food

Every puppy is going to need quality dog food to be healthy and grow. Of course, there are kibble and wet foods that you can purchase from your local store. But you may want to research and choose a better one.

In particular, look out for dog foods with higher percentages of protein. This is going to generally be healthier for your canine. In addition, you might want to look into a raw diet too.

5. Fun toys

Do not forget that you want to challenge your new puppy, as well as have some fun. You can satisfy both of these needs with some exciting toys. They are going to love to tug on a rope or play with squeaky toys.

Playing with your furry friend is a great way to bond when they are puppies. This can set up a great foundation for training.

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