22 Funny Horse Riding Pictures That Prove Horses Have a Sense of Humor Too

The list below of funny horse riding pictures is not exactly that, as you will see some of these pictures below are just of funny horses because honestly, we could not find enough funny pictures of people riding horses. So it is what it is.

Why are horse riding pictures are funny? Well, if you think about it, horses make hilarious faces when they run or even just eating grass or what not, and the people who ride them? Forget about it, if you ever concentrate your look on the rider and not the horse, you will understand what we mean.

So without wasting too much of your time, as you obviously came here for the photos and not to read my blubbering mouth, check out the gallery of funny horse pictures and enjoy.

1. Funny horse riding pictures starts now

funny horse riding pictures

2. You had one job. One job that’s it

3. A horse showing his interpretation of a snow angel

funny horse riding pictures

4. Horse shoes are expensive AF

5. Horses make jokes too. Just so you know

funny horse riding pictures

6. Clever horse knows how to hide from the vet

7. Can horses make a mess similar to dogs?

funny horse riding pictures

8. Bankruptcy starter kit

9. This is the most accurate picture of horse ownership I ever saw

funny horse riding pictures

10. When your horse is faster than your ass

11. Your horse is smarter than you think buddy

funny horse riding pictures

12. Is that a Steve Urkel reference?

13. I think it’s safe to say you won

funny horse riding pictures

14. Go horse riding they said, it will be fun they said

15. OMG this is so dangerous

16. This is the most embarrassing and hilarious moment of his life

17. True words of wisdom spoken right here

funny horse riding pictures

18. Dismounting in style – Not falling on my ass

19. Starting early in life. At that age I didn’t even own my own shirt

20. Falling off a horse is one of the most painful things ever

funny horse riding pictures

21. You been there too, don’t lie

22. I only care about the horse doc

funny horse riding pictures

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