Amazon Tiny House Allwood Avalon Cabin Costs Only $33,000 And Has 5 Rooms

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The Amazon tiny house called Allwood Avalon Cabin is a near perfect tiny home you can get for as little as $33,000. Would you live in a small house you bought online? Let’s review this ” product ”

It’s pretty clear you can buy anything you want on Amazon right? But did you know you can get a house? This tiny home is selling for $33,000 and it has 5 rooms!

Imagine having this house for less money than a fancy car, granted, it’s not a huge and fancy house, it’s pretty basic, but it beats living in the street, and if you have no other choice or maybe you just don’t need or want a big house, this can be a good alternative.

It goes without saying that this house is not perfect, and you should not expect a perfect house for that low price, as a few Amazon reviewers mentioned, there are a few issues with the design, but overall, every person has different wants and needs, so for some people, this can be a perfect solution for their living arrangements.

The house plans as stated in the product description is an impressive 540 combined square foot on the ground floor with another 218 square feet sleeping room/area.

The entire house is made from top quality Nordic spruce wood, and the house can be used for a vacation cabin in the woods, lake house or a stand alone retail house.

How do you build the Amazon tiny house

Right, so this is another thing, this is not a house you will get ready made or have an Amazon delivery team assemble for you, this is more like buying something from IKEA. You will need to built it yourself, or obviously pay someone else to do so.

According to the company though, two adults can build this house from scratch ( using the delivered materials ) within one week. Which is very reasonable.

When you purchase this tiny home you will get a kit that includes all the needed materials so don’t worry.

The Allwood Avalon Cabin is not the cheapest tiny home you could buy, but it has specific advantages like size. With most tiny homes you will not get more than 600 square feet of combined living space.

You can also choose from two floor plans when you purchase this house:

  • plan 1 = three bedrooms
  • plan 2 = 5 bedrooms

And don’t forget it comes with a second floor where you can use as you see fit, either as a bedroom or sleeping area or just a sitting area.

One of the weird things in the design that users quickly pointed out about the Allwood Avalon Cabin is that it’s not really a good fit for colder areas. For examples I would not place it in an area where there is snow most of the time and freezing temperatures, the main reason why is the simple fact that the only way to enter the bathroom is from the patio.

Yep, imagine you need to pee and you have to go outside the house in the freezing cold, that is not ideal. We are sure though that the company has taken point to this design issue and in future designs this will not be the case.

What do you think? Would you live in a house like this? Take a look at the images below and let us know in the comment section.

Here’s the Amazon Tiny House Allwood Avalon from an outside view

amazon tiny house allwood avalon cabin

A bird’s eye view of the tiny home

This is the living room space – Nice and cosy

On the second floor you have another area where you can place a bed, or just a sitting area

amazon tiny house allwood avalon cabin

Bedroom and bathroom – Some people noticed that the only way to enter the bathroom is from the patio – Weird right?

amazon tiny house allwood avalon cabin

Here’s one person’s review that loved the house and left his thoughts on the site

But this person, who noticed the weird bathroom entrance, thinks the house is not a great idea. But each person is different.

amazon tiny house allwood avalon cabin

All images via Amazon

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