Harry Potter Fans are Sharing Severus Snape Details They Noticed Over the Years and OMG

Severus Snape was my favorite character in the Harry Potter movie series ( The books too ). He was a complicated character that brought moe depth to the movies and it is something the fans noticed too.

For those who are less familiar with Severus Snape, he was the potions master, defence against the dark arts professor and the headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. And he was also half blood and a member of the order of the Phoenix and death eater. Clearly an accomplished guy by all Harry Potter standards.

Some would say that he played the most crucial rule in the battles against Lord Voldemort and I would agree with them.

We noticed that Snape was not always the most popular character in the movies and clearly the spotlight was more aimed at Harry, Ron and the other gang. So the fans of the series decided to share their most noticeable or less known details about Severus Snape and we decided to share them here with you.

This is clearly a Harry Potter fans only zone, so if you are not a fan, you would probably want to browse away.

1. Snape covered Cedric’s body when Harry Potter recovered it in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie in 2005. The reason Snape does that is so Cedric father can remove it and look at his son. He does not wear his cape when they capture Barty.

severus snape

2. Snape lowered his wand when Mcgonagall steps in to challenge him in front of Harry

3. This is a matter of perspective

severus snape

4. When Ginny Weasley was taken to the chamber of secrets and it was revealed by Mcgonagall Severus Snape looks really concerned

5. Holding their laugh and barley making it

6. Snape is the real deal. Not fake at all

severus snape

7. Did, did he just made curls in his hair?

8. Insulting Snape will not take you far. He is bullet proof

9. He is no fool, snap at him and he will snap right back

10. Snape still helped the order of the Phoenix in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. You can see it when he re-directed Mcgonagall spells to the death eaters behind him while giving her the look ” I don’t want to fight you woman “

severus snape

11. It’s all about the trust – for life

12. He didn’t really want to kill Dumbledore. You can clearly see it in his face and eyes. He only did it after Dumbledore said please, and even than, it was difficult for him.

13. Harry didn’t want to call him ” Professor ” in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. This is because Harry learned the truth from the Pensieve

14. When Severus Snape taught Harry Occlumency in Order of the Pheonix he was provoking him to make him control his emotions. This is a great scene where Snape has to play the bad guy to teach the son of the woman he loved how to protect himself against evil.

severus snape

15. Snape made sure Harry was safe and sound after he killed Dumbledore and he waited for everyone to leave before he walked away. You can see his conflicting thoughts in his slight hesitation.

16. Did you ever noticed that Snape was the one who taught Harry the spell Expelliarmus? This is his go to move from that moment on.

17. Petunia knew Snape, that’s obvious

18. He knew it way before anyone else ( sorry for the blurred image )

severus snape

19. Snape story will make you relate to him big time.

20. The person who had the most respect for Snape was actually Hermione

21. Patronus by Snape – Never thought of this before

severus snape

22. It seems like Snape never really sleeps, and that could be explained by cooking up some potions after hours.

23. Another nice Harry Potter detail is this scene where Snape asks Harry ” what would I get if I added powdered root of asophodel to an infusion of wormwood ” – The answer is either Snape hinting that Harry Potter’s mom is dead, or that he regrets her death.

severus snape

24. Is Snape attractive or not?

25. Severus Snape the grey.

26. Snape outfit was the one that never changed throughout the entire movie series. The costume designer said it was perfect, and you don’t change what is perfect.

severus snape

27. Notice the Gryffindor scarf in the background in the scene where Snape dies.

28. In the scene where Harry and Snap first look at each other, the scar on Harry’s forehead hurts. Snap realized this but it’s in fact because Quirrel is passing by him with his back, and we all know that Lord Voldemort is living inside the back of the heads, you can see Severus noticing it.

29. He has real emotions.

30. Notice the difference in the teachers. One protects while the other ignores.

severus snape

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