40 Dogs Riding in Cars That Remind Us Life Can Be Beautiful Too

If you’re a dog, there is nothing like a car ride. It’s one of the best things you can do with your dog. The wind in their fur, the way they open their mouth wide and let the wind blow their mouth, when you think about it, it’s fun even for humans right?

When you take your dog friend on a car ride, from the excitement they can sometimes do goofy things that you’re not used to seeing. That’s ok, they are dogs, they can do what ever they want.

We thought about how we can help make your day a little bit better and we decided to create this list of cute dogs riding in cars so you can have a quick break from your busy day. Make sure to comment on your favorite dog.

1. These doggos don’t like to sit at the back

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2. Trying his hardest to find a comfortable angle

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3. Not sure what he is trying to do, but it looks bad

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4. This looks so much fun I want to try it

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5. This dog’s tongue looks like it’s about to fly out

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6. Favorite part of the day

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7. Some dogs like car rides more than others. This one doesn’t

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8. I think he is hungry, don’t you?

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9. This is a face of a dog who loves the car rides

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10. Doesn’t accept the barrier – it does not exist

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11. Third time is a charm. So cute I want to adopt them all

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12. Nothing like the cool breeze of air in your mouth when driving a car really fast

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13. This dog gets it. He just does

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14. This dog is cooler than me and you combined

15. Dog so excited about pizza night he can’t help himself

16. Not sure exactly what this face says, but it can’t be good

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17. You think the wind is too fast?

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18. Remember in these Harry Potter Movies the weird creatures. This looks like it

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19. Dog taxi driver. Where you need to go?

20. This dog is better behaved than my kids in the car

21. Safety first. You can’t risk it – he’s too cute

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22. Trying to keep the dog in the back seat with a net, he does not accept it

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23. Genius car hack for your dog

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24. Old dog looking at the road ahead

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25. Enjoying it so much he almost disappeared

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26. The best car ride companion a man can ask for

27. You brah, what’s up. Just chilling


29. Dog does NOT like to get back home from the park

30. It’s like a park ride only in your car

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31. Dog so small he fits right in there. So cute

32. It’s a dog! It’s a person! I don’t know

33. OK, this is just too much for me, let’s call it a day

34. Dog is a little bit nervous I think.

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35. That’s not how you sit on it you silly dog

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36. If you look up the word Happy in the dictionary, this picture comes up

37. Dog doesn’t want to say goodbye to his human, even though she will be back shortly after

38. He is excited about this car ride. I am too

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39. Slow and steady steps wins the race

40. The best part of the car is this one.

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