Frozen Trees Pictures by Niccol Bonfadini Looks Like Landscape From Another Planet

These amazing frozen trees pictures by photographer Niccol Bonfadini will make you question your understanding of what cold is and how cold you think it gets in your country. There are a lot of places on earth where it snows. But not a lot of places where it gets to subzero degrees and that trees are completely covered with snow you can’t even see them.

Well, in a place called Lapland in Finland they really mean it when they say, freezing cold. The pictures below show trees completely covered and looking more like alien creatures or scenes from another planet rather than right here on earth.

With temperatures ranging between -40C to -15C Bonfadini had his sights on these specific trees as he knew that these scenes will make a special gallery, and boy did he got it right.

The photographer camped next to the trees and set up his equipment and waited for just the right lighting and time to snap some of the most memorable pictures we ever came across. These images were taken just before sunrise, when there is a warm, calm light that is just right.

One of the images even got noticed by NASA Astronomy picture of the day and got him featured on their site

frozen trees pictures

The scene of these frozen trees pictures looks more like a different planet and not right here on earth

frozen trees

The temperatures get so low that nothing can stand in the way of the heavy snow. Trees fold under the cold, and completely get covered with snow white to make this beautiful scene possible.

frozen trees

Would you know these are frozen trees images if we didn’t tell you? My guess is you would not. You will probably guess it’s sculptures or something similar.

frozen trees picture

Camping out next to his location and waiting for just the right light, early in the morning just when the sun started to rise, this is the prefect moment and light to take these shots.

frozen trees images

Curved from the freezing subzero temperatures

frozen trees pictures

It looks like a living creature, not a frozen tree

frozen trees pics

Imagine walking between these trees. Experience of a life time

frozen trees pictures

People skiing through the frozen trees makes for a great picture

frozen trees images

The sun hits the snow and started to melt it a little bit – seeing some green

frozen trees pictures

Visit Niccol Bonfadini website for more images and credit. | All images are by Niccol Bonfadini

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