56 German Shepherd Puppies That You Can’t Stop Looking At Right Now

The gallery below is about german shepherd puppies. German shepherds are known as one of the most loyal dog breeds that can learn quickly many commands and to many is considered the perfect family dog. 

The fact that they are very gentle with humans and kids, smart enough to know the difference and always put their owners or loved ones before their own needs, makes them one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

They have that confidance about them that makes you go ” whoa ” this is an impressive dog. But before they grow up to be the big, lovable beasts they are, like all dogs, they are born as cute little puppies.

To give our respect to this awesome breed, we compiled a list of 56 german shepherd puppies that are so cute, you will want to adopt one right away.

1. German shepherd puppies grow up so fast

german shepherd puppies

2. Always up for a cool car ride by your side

via R3J3

3. German shepherds are born with big, floppy ears, don’t worry, they grow into them.

via commonvanilla

4. Funny thing about this breed it’s that they can have different colored eyes.

german shepherd puppiesvia ZiltoidTheHorror

5. I’m not sure who is happier in this photo, the human or the puppy

via stupidfuntime

6. This is a familiar pose for any puppy

via kira_shepherd4

7. Riding the swing like a little child – Awesome

german shepherd puppiesvia koda.and.hoonah.gsd

8. Some pups have their ears up, while some have their ears down

via lauradiamandis

9. Waiting for his owner’s command. German shepherd are very loyal to their owners and loved ones

german shepherd puppiesvia hurdur1

10. They are also known to be great at team, and work together towards one goal

via Divider1

11. When they are born, they are pretty much the cutest thing ever.

via Mahogany German Shepherds

12. This little guy grew up bigger than the owner – LOL

via jm4997

13. Loves to take pictures all day long

german shepherd puppies

14. This is not a mirror. Just two dogs loving each other

via Darth_Betta

15. Prepping from a young age for the K-9 unit

via Mickiez30

16. Some owners take their dogs with them anywhere they go.

german shepherd puppiesvia igotbannedthisismynewname

17. I love this pose and picture

via baron_black_gsd

18. Look at those eyes, can you resist this little guy?

via sc00byj3w

19. One ear up, one down.

german shepherd puppiesvia Swoonz

20. Resting on the warm grass like a champ

via rayco.ogsd

21. This is a fun activity with dogs. Trying to catch soap bubbles

via enzo.swe

22. Front and back view. So funny

via shitshaw

23. Begging for some attention. You can’t resist

german shepherd puppiesvia kodi_mazwi_adventures

24. German shepherd puppies are generally very happy dogs

via Dayman360

25. Loving some sun while in the car

via shywildrose

26. Trying to break a world record with bending ears

german shepherd puppiesvia lentilbeanz

27. Not sure what is going on here

via loopdeloops

28. I think he is trying to tell us something

via ada-ada

29. Honestly, this looks very comfortable. I should try it.

german shepherd puppies via

30. Looking up ad daddy, or mommy and learning about life

via Shenanigans22

31. ” Can we play ” What the german shepherd puppy is saying probably.

via harllop

32. Best picture on this gallery. Eating ice cream

german shepherd puppiesvia ragonk_1310

33. German shepherd K-9 puppy in training

via colexyz

34. Finally out playing in the sun

via rayco.ogsd

35. German shepherds are also ok with snow, they do NOT get cold that easily thanks to their coats

german shepherd puppiesvia trappinginauhaul

36. Taking your pup to the office day.

via penguindisco

37. Don’t worry little guy, you will grow into that in no time

via peterbenko9

38. A trip to the vet.

german shepherd puppiesvia sm0keyii

39. Yellow lab and a German shepherd puppy. Which one do you like more?

via kona.and.nala

40. He grew up so nicely.

via oldtupperWare

41. Playing in the snow

german shepherd puppies

42. ” No pictures please “

43. This little guy will grow up to be a beauty

german shepherd puppies

44. Look at those deep bright eyes

via mybodyguarddogs

45.  Look at this cute face

german shepherd puppiesSandy Potere / EyeEm / Getty Images

46. German shepherds are beautiful dogs – no doubt

via pethelpful

47. The left dog doesn’t seem so pleased

via akc

48. Running in the forest like a champ

german shepherd puppiesvia creativemarket

49. Mom and her pups

via thegermanshepherder

50. Showing teeth.

via shepherdsense

51. Team work. Always works

via readysetpuppy

52. Learning from the best

german shepherd puppiesvia perfectpets

53. Beautiful german shepherd dog, I think it’s not a puppy.

via petsforhome

54. Let’s play ball

via art.com

55. Running in the fields from a young age

german shepherd puppiesvia mybodyguarddogs

56. Patriotic puppy

Source: Shelby Mayo (Instagram/ranger_thegshepherd)

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