Your Favorite Disney Animal Characters Reimagined as Real People

Disney films always put out timeless animated classics that feature not only human characters, but animal ones as well! Many of Disney’s movies have tugged at our heartstrings, from the Lady and the Tramp to The Lion King and even The Aristocats for all the cat lovers out there.

We’ve also seen some pretty groundbreaking animated films again from them in recent years, starting from the Disney Renaissance of the 90s to leading up the early 2000s.

All-time favorites like Tarzan, Hercules, Mulan, and even the beloved Bolt all feature memorable character leads that have helped our favorite heroes and heroines save the day!

But have you ever wondered what these famous animal characters in your favorite Disney films might look like as people? Or maybe you’ve wondered if some of them were based on actual real-life people and tried to imagine what they looked like.

One artist took it to the next level by creating wonderfully charming illustrations that reimagines famous Disney animal characters as people.

About the Artist

Alaina Bastian is an art student that decided to illustrate Disney animal characters as humans since she shares the same curiosity many other people might have about what these characters would look like.

She said she was also inspired by others’ illustrations of the same concept, but she wished there were more characteristics in the human drawings that made them as charming as the original animal counterparts.

To make them feel more believable and lovable, Bastian carefully followed the same art style in the original movies and paid attention to small details, such as the expressions and body language. This way, the likeness between animal and human counterpart would look more seamless.

The Art

Bastian has taken some of the most famous Disney movies with animal characters and successfully converted them into their human counterparts. See her magic below!

Lady and The Tramp

Everybody can agree that Lady was an especially beautiful cocker spaniel while the Tramp had a scruffy but handsome, boyish charm. Bastian reimagined them exactly that way as people in the transformation below.

Source: My Modern Met

The Aristocats

Another pair of lovers, Duchess and Thomas O’Malley make quite the pair in Paris as a beautiful blonde lady and a dashing redhead from The Aristocats film!

Disney Animal Characters Reimagined as Real PeopleSource: Bored Panda


The resemblance between their original animal characters and human versions is truly uncanny for this dynamic duo from Tarzan. There’s no funnier pair than Terk and Tantor!

Source: Bored Panda

The Jungle Book

The characters in The Jungle Book are really quite heartwarming, so seeing the human versions of Baloo and Bagheera having a lighthearted exchange is, unsurprisingly, comforting too.

Disney Animal Characters Reimagined as Real People

Source: My Modern Met

The Lion King

Simba as the handsome young heir to Pride Rock and Nala as his future queen make a stunning pair in Bastian’s rendition of African royalty. The only one missing in her artwork is Timone!

Disney Animal Characters Reimagined as Real PeopleSource: Bored Panda


The most recent film on this list, this still of Bolt shows two characters (Bolt and Mittens) engaging in a conversation. They’re young and brave, so Bastian makes sure to let those qualities shine through.

Source: My Modern Met

Other Artists

Other artists have created their own versions of these beloved animal characters as people. Isabelle Staub is an artist who has created similar illustrations in her own unique style, as you can see below.

Disney Animal Characters Reimagined as Real PeopleSource: Inside the Magic

Source: Inside the Magic

Source: Inside the Magic

Disney Animal Characters Reimagined as Real PeopleSource: Inside the Magic

Adding a little bit more imagination to our favorite classics can transport us back to the magical nostalgia we felt when seeing these movies for the first time. Artists like Bastian and Staub help to make this a reality with their inspired artwork that pays homage to timeless Disney favorites.

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