29 Incredible Optical Illusions That Will Melt Your Mind

These optical illusion images prove that something so simple can trick your mind and send it into overdrive.

The most impressive ones are the ones that appear to move when you move but stay still when you do. Check out number 28!.

1. Whats going on with these lines? The first of the optical illusions 

2. How many animals? Take a second to look, don’t just guess 

3. There are 12 arrows – Can you find them all? 

4. Bathroom Tunnel. I would get so confused I would pee on myself 

5. This bottle advert on a truck – Best truck ad ever! 

6. Archway. Please never build this. So many car crashes will happen 

7. Where do these buildings start and end? No one knows 

8. Chess pieces or people? – Or maybe both? 

9. Convex and Concave – This is a famous piece, but it gets you every time you look at it.

10. Corner House Illusion. Looks like a Salvador Dali painting right? 

11. When day and night meet

12. Stack of Dice. Can you tell which direction they are going? I can’t 

13. Front or Backwards facing letters? I honestly can’t tell 

14. This Dome – Is that a tiny dome inside a bigger dome? Crazy!

15. 3D Painting – Magnificent work. 

16. This Elevator – So scary I would never look at elevators again 

17. Pyramid Pillar – Is there a hole in the top or is it going up?

18. Polar Bears Head. How is this even possible 

19. Strange Pound Sign – Confusing but beautiful together 

20. Tree Teardrop – Is this flat or a hill? 

21. 3D Ship Drawing breaks the barriers 

22. Ship’s or Archway’s? Or beautiful clouds 

23. This Rug – Imagine having this at your door step 

24. Sketch Book breaking out of the paper 

25. Crazy Spirals that only look like they are spinning 

26. Steps that go up or down? 

27. Is this a courtyard or terrace?

28. Wobbling Plaid – This makes my eyes hurt 

29. Wooden Box – My favorite optical illusion on this list

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