26 Amazing Underwater Creatures in Indonesia Photographed by Alexis Golding

Want to see some amazing underwater creatures, well, you came to the right article, in this post we share some of the incredible work created by photographer Alexis Golding. Keep reading below to see some of his photos and information. 

Alexis Golding is an underwater photographer born in Venezuela. Golding is a well accomplished photographer who’s main passion in life is photography and he’s had the opportunity to dive in some of the worlds most beautiful and biodiverse locations including the Galapagos, Bahamas, Yucatan Peninsula, Coiba, Bonaire and the Canary Islands.

In his most recent series of photos he has visited Indonesia to explore an amazing underwater world.

Although many of these creatures look giant, these are actually mostly macro photographs of incredibly small and well hidden animals. Check out more of the photographers work via Instagram.

Amazing underwater creatures starts with weird little guy

amazing underwater creatures

#2 I don’t know who wouldn’t love this

#3 This is beautiful

#4 Looking too bright in the black deep sea

amazing underwater creatures

#5 Rock or creature, guess

amazing underwater creatures

#6 Love the strong blue color

#7 Don’t get too close

amazing underwater creatures

#8 Looks like mustard i’m sorry

#9 This tiny amazing underwater creature is so cute

#10 A mix of bug and fish on the ocean floor

amazing underwater creatures

#11 Slim and blue, da bo de da bo dai

amazing underwater creatures

#12 Is this, is this just one eye?

#13 Not sure what’s going on with this nose, but I guess ok

amazing underwater creatures

#14 Those little pointy ears

amazing underwater creatures

#15 Looks so innocent, but is it really?

amazing underwater creatures

#16 Love these colors

amazing underwater creatures

#17 Anything in these colors and spikes can’t be good to get too close

#18 Melding in the ocean floor

amazing underwater creatures

#19 I would not touch the spikes of this fish

#20 Amazing underwater animals

amazing underwater creatures

#21 I love these little guys!

#22 Nice looking fish

amazing underwater creatures

#23 Is this a creature or a delicious fruit?

#24 Hiding in plain sight, a lot of ocean creatures have this ability

amazing underwater creatures

#25 All orange all the time

amazing underwater creatures

#26 This creature looks like out of a Pirate of the Caribbean movies

More info on the photographer: uwphotographers.net

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