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Moon tattoos or tattoos with moons are timeless. Most people have thought of getting a moon tattoo some time in their lives, and it can make one wonder why this symbol is so captivating. There’s an allure that comes with the lunar phases, and getting a moon tattoo adds an air of mystery to whoever has it inked on their skin.

With so many moon tattoo versions to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to pick. Understanding how each tattoo with moon carries a different meaning can hopefully make your decision a little easier or, at the very least, teach you something about moon tattoos that you didn’t know before.

Moon Tattoo

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Moon tattoo Symbolism

The moon symbolizes many things, but its characteristics are attributed to female power, creativity, transformation, and growth. These known meanings and mysterious air make the moon an appealing design to have tattooed.

Known as our Earth’s natural satellite, the moon is attributed to magic depending on its different phases, inviting imaginations into the realm of the supernatural. Others are inspired not by its magical properties but by the symbolism connected to its crescent shape, which often represents hope and change.

Here are the top 35 meaningful tattoos with moons to inspire your next choice of ink

1. Simple Moon 

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Simple moon designs make a statement on their own by keeping things fairly basic. You don’t always need a large and overly detailed piece to make it meaningful.

There’s a minimalist trend right now for body art, a philosophy that focuses on only the most essential design elements without any shading or detail. The plus side to simple moon designs is that they are relatively inexpensive to do and will cause little to no discomfort during your session.

2. Full Moon

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Full moon designs often symbolize transition and a bit of mysticism. If you want a tattoo with moon that has elements of change, blurred boundaries, and a supernatural aspect, then the full moon is your best bet.

You may want to get this inked on a larger area depending on the amount of detail you want on the tattoo.

3. Sun and Moon

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Sun and moon tattoo combinations are a popular choice that is aesthetically appealing and full of symbolism. Since they are considered opposites, sun and moon imagery will usually be associated with anything from life and death, good and evil, and femininity and masculinity.

4. Small Moon

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Small tattoos with moons are perfect for women who want delicate and more feminine options that can be inked anywhere on the body. They can be discreet or have a more obvious placement, depending on your preference. Small moons tattooed on your fingers or wrists can serve as a daily reminder of their special meaning to you.

5. Crescent Moon

Moon Tattoos

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Crescent moons are very popular and for a good reason. It’s the lunar design with the quintessential moon shape, making it easily recognizable. This shape also looks good anywhere on the body.

Aside from being beautiful, crescent moon tattoos carry the symbolism of change and hope, so if these inspire you, then this design might be best for you.

6. Wolf and Moon 

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A wolf is a powerful image, symbolizing not only family and loyalty but also spiritual guidance. The association between the moon and the wolf is natural since this animal is known to howl during a full lunar cycle. It often evokes a sense of mystery and darkness.

Some cultures connect this predator to the afterlife, so a wolf and moon tattoo combination could represent your relationship with your spirituality. It could also be a way to honor family members that have gone ahead of you.

7. I Love You to the Moon and Back

Moon Tattoo

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Sometimes it is better to tell someone how you feel instead of showing it. Getting the ever-popular quote “I love you to the moon and back” tattooed is a beautiful way to express the depth of your affections for someone.

Get this tattooed on its own or add other elements such as little stars and maybe even a rocket ship to the design.

8. Cat and Moon Tattoo

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The cat and moon tattoo design is every secret witch’s dream! Even if you aren’t remotely interested in the mysteries of witchcraft, you may be drawn to the symbolism of transformation, death, luck, and rebirth represented by the moon and cat. It’s also an attractive and very feminine piece.

9. Realistic Moon Tattoo

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While minimalist tattoo designs are all the rage these days, hyper-realistic pieces also start to earn their space in the spotlight. Realistic moon tattoos add more dimension to your tattoo and will certainly catch the attention of others.

Be sure to get a tattoo artist with an extensive portfolio of hyper-realistic work.

10. Moon and Stars

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Adding stars to your moon tattoo is a classic pairing. These celestial symbols can represent hope, spirituality, or family.

11. Galaxy in the Moon

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One of the more creative and artistic designs on this list, the galaxy in a moon shape definitely makes for an interesting tattoo! It can symbolize having the vastness of the universe closer to home.

12. Sleepy Moon

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When faces are drawn on the moon, they often depict a sleepy figure. This symbolizes the simple reality that the moon is present during our time of rest in the evening, and it can make a great tattoo that reminds you to take it easy.

13. Black Moon

Black Moon Tattoo

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A black moon is a statement tattoo indicating the absence of a full moon or an additional new moon in a season. It’s an exciting and mysterious phenomenon that only occurs once every 33 months and is a fantastic option for body art, especially for those who wish to highlight the dark side of the moon!

14. Blood Moon

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Those who prefer colored pieces can opt for a blood moon tattoo design. This phenomenon occurs during a total lunar eclipse and is often connected to a sense of doom or a sort of religious apocalypse. It’s also famous in astrology as a symbol of deeper understanding and reflection of the self.

15. Moon Lady

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The moon is a well-known feminine symbol, so getting a design with a lady featured on the moon makes plenty of sense and a gorgeous tattoo!

16. Blue Moon

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A moon tattoo doesn’t always have to be done in black. While there is no special symbolism here, the blue ink adds more dimension and evokes a different feeling.

17. Dark Side of the Moon

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Pink Floyd fans rejoice! While it isn’t exactly a moon, this tattoo inspired by the artist’s eighth studio album makes a fantastic design to have inked onto your skin. If you want a conversation-starting piece related to the moon, then this might be a great one for you.

18. Angel on the Moon

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Getting a tattoo design with an angel perching on the moon can represent a sweet and innocent sort of heavenly guidance. It’s a beautiful, delicate, and feminine tattoo.

19. Moon Phases

Moon Phases Tattoo

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Moon phases are one of the more popular tattoo designs, and they are a versatile piece to represent the cycles of change: birth, life, death, and reincarnation.

If you want to feel inspired by the cyclical nature of time and the presence of change, then this might be the best moon tattoo for you!

20. Triple Moon

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The moon is all about femininity, and getting a triple moon tattoo is a great way to celebrate that. Like the complete moon phases tattoo, these images represent different lunar phases, including waxing, full, and waning.

This is a pagan symbol representing the Triple Goddess, which has the Maiden, Mother, and Crone to show each stage of the feminine life cycle.

21. Moon Dream Catcher

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Dream catcher tattoos are trendy on their own, serving as a protective talisman in Native American culture. Adding it to the brightness and hope represented by the moon can create a tattoo that symbolizes protection from bad omens.

Try placing this tattoo on the forearm or thigh to get the best effect!

22. Mandala Moon

Moon Tattoos

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Both the mandala and moon are important symbols in Buddhism. One represents harmony and balance, while the other is often associated with change and rebirth. Tattoo designs that incorporate both can represent enlightenment and can make for a beautiful and thought-provoking statement piece.

23. Floral Moon

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While it might not seem like the most natural pairing, a flower-moon tattoo combination is still a beautiful option. The bloom of the flower and the moon’s light is associated with new beginnings and is an excellent symbol for feminine power!

24. Moon and Nature

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Nature lovers can combine their love for Earth’s beauty with the moon’s celestial wonder for a beautiful design.

25. Half Moon

Moon Tattoos

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A less popular moon tattoo design is the half-moon, but just because it isn’t as common as the full or crescent tattoo designs doesn’t diminish its beauty and meaning. This can symbolize letting go or represent balance since it’s right between the waxing and waning phases.

26. Twilight Moon

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Twilight is the time between lightness and darkness, so getting a tattoo design inspired by this view of the moon can symbolize both the light and dark sides of one’s personality. Plus, it’s got a great color-gradient effect!

27. Moon Shadow

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Getting a tattoo done with an emphasis on the moon’s shadow can focus on one’s dark and mysterious side.

28. Geometric Moon

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A geometric moon tattoo design is a great way to add contrast to the moon’s soft lines and curves. If you want a distinctive design, then this is a unique one to add to your options.

29. Crying Moon

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Have you considered getting a more dramatic moon tattoo design? If so, a crying moon might be best for you. It adds a layer of interest and depth to your tattoo that will remind you of its meaning every time you look at it.

30. Grim Moon

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Similar to the crying moon, a grim moon evokes feelings of sadness. Only get this tattoo if you are comfortable with being solemn and having permanent ink to represent your deep thoughts.

31. Moon Lovers

Moon Lovers Tattoo

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The moon is also associated with romantic feelings, so getting a moon lovers tattoo is great for those who are very much in tune with their emotional sides!

32. Contemplative Moon

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Contemplative moon tattoos such as this one symbolize the relevance of man and the world he lives in. It’s perfect for those who tend to think about the deeper aspects of life.

33. Unconventional Moon

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The usual moon tattoo designs can be a bit boring for somebody who is eccentric. Why not go all out with a colorful and unconventional crescent for a moon tattoo that is uniquely yours?

34. Resting on the Moon

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Add a little something extra to your moon crescent tattoo by placing a human figure resting on its curve. It illustrates how much more laid back the moon is, making it a perfect place to rest.

35. Kingdom on the Moon

Kingdom Of moon tattoo

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Full-detailed tattoos can make stunning statement pieces on your skin, so having an uncommon tattoo such as a kingdom on the moon can definitely turn heads! No matter what world you plan to place on your moon tattoo, be sure that every detail holds meaning for you.

Getting Your Moon Tattoo?

Whether you choose to get a moon tattoo for the aesthetic aspect or want your ink to represent a symbol that’s meaning to you, these 35 ideas are sure to give you some inspiration!

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