Finding Light on the Dark Side: Stained Glass Star Wars Masterpieces

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, someone created the very first Star Wars memorabilia and fan art. Who it was and what they created is something we may never really find out, but what we do know is that it led to millions of beautiful creations from fans all over the world, such as stained glass star wars masterpieces you’re about to discover.

This beloved science fiction universe has impacted dedicated geeks and casual watchers alike. With Disney now at the helm of its future, the franchise will become even more creative and spawn creative pieces that George Lucas would only dream of!

From sculptures to t-shirts and tablecloths, Star Wars fans wear their dedication proudly to pay homage to the massively famous blockbuster series.

stained glass star wars Darth sculpture

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Star Wars Themed Sculptures

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Harnessing the Light Through Stained Glass

To harness the power of the Light over the Dark Side, one artisan named Keth Pride decided to combine form with function in his Star Wars stained glass lamp creations.

While combining the style of stained glass elements with the futuristic look of space science fiction might clash, Pride managed to make it look uniquely rustic, bejeweled, and absolutely charming.

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Using wood to create miniature sculptures and then adding stained glass accents, Pride’s work has caught the eyes of many and gained a following of over nine thousand followers on Instagram.

When asked how he thought of incorporating wooden and stained glass elements for these sculptures, he explained that he loved incorporating form with function.

A lot of the souvenirs and memorabilia purchased by Star Wars fans have little to no functional use and are great for not much more than displays. But Pride’s work takes this to another level by making lamps and clock pieces that you can actually use.

Coupled with his love for science fiction and fantasy, and the Star Wars universe has gained truly one-of-a-kind pieces of fan art.

Included in his distinctive collection is the famous R2-D2, Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon, the iconic X-wing fighter, an AT-AT, and even The Mandalorian as seen below.

stained glass star wars art

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stained glass star wars figure R2D2

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Source: My Modern Met

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Star Wars Themed Art

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Beyond the Galaxy: Pride’s Work besides Star Wars

While Pride’s work on the Star Wars stained glass sculptures took center stage for quite some time, it also brought much attention to his other impressive work, including Harry Potter, Transformers, Back to the Future, and other Disney films!

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Source: Instagram

To see the rest of Pride’s work, check out the Woodland Porpoise Workshop’s Instagram account here.

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