Disney Is Making an Immersive Star Wars Hotel and You’ll Want to Live There

Star Wars has long captured the imaginations and hearts of millions and whilst many of us have always dreamt that we could one day become lightsaber wielding Jedi’s that’s exactly what they’ve remained, just dreams. Until now.

Disney has just announced that it’s going to be creating an ‘immersive’ Star Wars-themed hotel in which you’re given your own adventure in a galaxy far far away from staff dressed as cast members in full costume and character.

Although themed events can often be hit or miss the hotels announcement has got the internet shouting “shut up and take my money” and for good reason too. With full backing from Lucasfilm’s and Disney’s own engineers at their disposal people have got every reason to be excited about the hotel that has so much potential.

At the moment plans have only been mentioned for Florida’s Walt Disney World and although details are still a little sketchy according to TechCrunch here’s what you can expect:

  • Employees inside the hotel will be dressed in costume and in character.
  • Guests will be given a storyline upon arrival that will play out throughout their stay at the hotel.
  • The hotel will be inside a space ship and all windows will show space, including the cabins where guests sleep.

Given that details are still a little sketchy if this list is anything to go by the hotel promises to be amazing and even though it’s not built yet it’s got Star Wars fans all around the world waiting to book their stay.

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