Miniature Stone Sculptures that Will Blow Your Mind

Incredible sculptures like the Roman Coliseum and the Taj Mahal astound us with their imposing proportions and architectural complexity and stability. Of course, it is always impressive to witness these giant buildings and marvel at their sheer size, but it is almost just as astounding to transform them into miniature versions. This is precisely what British sculptor Matthew Simmonds sought to do. Using tiny spaces carved out of stone, he scales famous ancient buildings and sculptures into miniature versions, providing an interesting perspective on historical places.

Source: Matt Simmonds

Artistic Beginnings

Simmonds’ artistic journey began with a passion and interest in historical stone buildings. This influenced his decision to study both architecture and medieval art for his undergraduate program.

However, it wasn’t until several years later that he decided to start working on stone practically. He was inspired by the work of stonemasons at the Chichester Cathedral in South England and decided that this was what he wanted to pursue.

Initially, Simmonds began his work professionally as a craftsman. However, when he moved to Pietrasanta in Italy, he considered working as an artist, as it was home to many professional sculptors in the same line of work as he was.

The artist shared an artistic statement on his website:

Making a play of architectural spaces on a small scale, the solid stone into which the sculptures are carved is opened up to reveal intricate internal worlds in which the changing viewpoint and light play a strong role in defining the sculptures

Drawing on the formal language and philosophy of architecture  the work explores themes of positive and negative form, the significance of light and darkness, and the relationship between nature and human endeavour.

Simmonds’ Incredible Miniature Stone Sculptures

Here are several of Simmonds’ best miniature stone sculptures that will blow your mind.

Source: Matt Simmonds

Incredible Miniature Stone Sculptures

Source: Ignant

Source: Dezeen

Source: This Is Colossal

Source: Pinterest

Incredible Miniature Stone Sculptures

Source: Arch Daily

Incredible Miniature Stone Sculptures

Source: Trendland

Incredible Miniature Stone Sculptures

Source: All Cad Blocks

Incredible Miniature Stone Sculptures

Source: Ignant

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