Light Magic: How an Artist Transforms Discarded Objects Into Beautiful Lamps

Vintage items are beautiful in their own right, but there also comes the point where they are no longer useful. Sometimes they can look like dated ornaments on display in your home, resembling stuff that collects dust and fades into the background. This artist transforms such discarded objects into beautiful lamps and gives them entirely new life.

Artist Transforms Discarded Objects Into Lamps

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The artist decided to breathe life into vintage instruments and other items. New Jersey native Slava Korolev is a collector of vintage stuff, from musical instruments to cameras and random items that people would rather discard.

Source: Forum Daily New York

One day in 2014, he decided to turn his very own collection of vintage horns and hangers into something more beautiful and useful. He had plenty of free time on his hands and turned his attention to his vintage items, which he described as looking sad, broken, and existing without any purpose. Then, the “Eureka!” moment hit him, and he decided to create lamps out of these items, creating a studio called Lightdents.

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A Party Favorite

After hosting a party at his home, Korolev’s friends and guests noticed the lamps he made and immediately fell in love. In fact, they loved the lamps so much that Korolev decided to give them away as presents.

Then, his friends’ friends saw the lamps displayed in their houses and asked where they had gotten them. Pretty soon, he was taking so many orders for lamps that he had no choice but to sell them to make room for more.

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