51 Shark Memes That Will Make You Appreciate These Misunderstood Sea Creatures

Our first instinct is to flee when encountering a shark, whether through images, movies, or even real life. Sharks elicit so much fear, even though it is nearly statistically impossible that you’ll ever be bitten and killed by one. You’re 30 times more likely to get struck by lightning than being eaten by a shark. The odds that you’ll die while taking a selfie are also higher! So, don’t take a deadly selfie, but use shark memes!

The Truth About Sharks

The truth is that sharks do not hunt humans. They are almost always cases of mistaken identity. If sharks actively hunted people, there would be more incidents of shark bites since humans love to swim in this animal’s natural habitat. Many encounters people have with sharks happen when the animal is following bait fishes or seals upon which they prey.

Sharks seem familiar to us, but there is still so much we don’t know about them. Fortunately, more and more people seem to recognize that sharks are simply misunderstood — no thanks to media portrayals such as the ones seen in films like Jaws.

Why Sharks Are So Important

Sharks are much more important than we realize. Here are just a few reasons why these animals are so crucial to our planet’s health and survival:

  • Sharks provide balance to the ecosystem. Sharks are apex predators in most marine ecosystems, so they feed on many animals below them in the food web. This is especially important when controlling the population of certain prey, which trickles down the food web. Since these animals, directly and indirectly, affect all levels of the food web, they play a significant role in maintaining the structure of healthy ocean ecosystems.
  • They reduce carbon in the atmosphere. One of the things sharks can do is support the growth of healthy seagrass meadows by preventing overgrazing. This contributes to a healthier carbon cycle since seagrass stores plenty of carbon, which prevents greenhouse gases from warming the atmosphere. Sharks also store a lot of carbon in their bodies, so they help directly!
  • Sharks boost the economy. Shark ecotourism has gained traction in previous years, generating as much as $314 million in 2013 and projected to double within the next two decades. It is quite fortunate that sharks are valued more alive than dead, which has led to declining industries such as shark finning. For example, one dead reef shark from Palau may sell for $108 at one time, but it could potentially bring in a total of $2 million to the tourism industry over the course of its life. This shows that a live shark can benefit the local economy repeatedly compared to being killed for a one-time profit.

The Rising Popularity of Sharks

Now that we recognize the truth about sharks and understand their importance, it may be easier to see why they have now become popular in pop culture.

Source: Billboard

Some people have even grown to think that sharks are cute and funny. We’re not sure where this shift in the internet’s point of view came from, but Katy Perry’s Superbowl Half-Time performance is just an example of how sharks can be viewed in another light. They can be adorable, awkward, and funny, which is quite different from how we normally perceive them.

There have been more positive and entertaining portrayals of sharks in popular media over the past several years. Here are some of the most notable examples.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo was one example that emerged in the early 2000s, showing, in classic Pixar-animated movie fashion, sharks were misunderstood, creatures.

Source: Killing Time

In the movie, the two fish protagonists, Marlin and Dory, encounter three sharks on their journey to rescue Marlin’s son, Nemo. You have Bruce, the large great white shark, Chum, a mako shark, and Anchor, a hammerhead shark. These sharks, however, were not your average prey-hungry predators. They live by the saying that “fish are friends, not food.”

Unfortunately, Dory is injured and bleeds, causing Bruce to return to his old ways as he attempts to eat her. At the very least, this entertaining family movie shows us that sharks can be more than just bloodthirsty beasts. They do not intentionally feed on animals that are not naturally their prey.

Baby Shark

More and more kids seem to view sharks as more than just a scary predators. Sharks were the main subject of a song that skyrocketed to popularity worldwide. This song, of course, is none other than “Baby Shark.”

Source: YouTube

“Baby Shark” originally started as a campfire song sung by camp counselors and inspired by the movie Jaws. In the song, each member of a shark family is introduced with hand movements used to imitate the size of the jaws of each shark. There are also variations of the song where the sharks hunt fish or eat sailors and then go to heaven.

While there are many versions of the song, the “Baby Shark” that we know and love today was popularized by a version produced by Pinkfong, a South Korean educational brand. The song was performed by Korean-American singer Hope Segoine, and it was the music video with the dance became viral starting in 2017. Since November 2020, it has become the most-viewed YouTube video. It has since then amassed 11 billion views!

If you aren’t familiar with “Baby Shark,” you miss out on a super catchy song about cute sharks.

Suicide Squad

Another shark character that more adults will appreciate this time is King Shark from DC Comics’ The Suicide Squad.

Source: Big Bad Toy Store

Otherwise known as Nanaue, King Shark is a metahuman criminal who is thought to be descended from an ancient shark god. Unlike other sharks, which we may consider to be violent, Nanaue is sweet and endearing, and we can even go as far as to call him idiotic. Unfortunately, his one flaw is that he does tend to lose control when presented with human meat.

The great thing about The Suicide Squad is that it shows you how villains can be both good and bad. They are more complex than we think. The same can be said for sharks, as demonstrated by Nanaue. These creatures are mostly peaceful, and it is too bad that they have gained a reputation for being bloodthirsty beasts when, in fact, they are simply acting like natural predators in their home environment.

Shark Memes

Sharks have recently been the subject of memes, and they’re some of the cutest and funniest out there.

51 of the best shark memes we’ve found for your enjoyment

1. Not all sharks are carnivorous. Some might even call this one a vegetarian!

Source: Southern Fried Science

2. Stop!!! Hammertime.

Source: Pinterest

3. There’s always that one dad who says they don’t want a pet shark and then ends up spoiling it!

shark memes

Source: Memezila

4. Sharks are also afraid of what’s under the deep blue sea, especially if it touches one of their fins.

Source: Worldwide Interweb

5. Not all sharks are ferocious and intimidating; some can be silly and cute.

shark memes

Source: Pinterest

6. It’s a nice sunny day for you to come into the water and play!

shark memes

Source: Quickmeme

7. This is a legitimate question. Technically, either way, could work, but we want to know which way sharks play the harmonica in their spare time.

Source: 9gag

8. Misunderstood shark is misunderstood! When approaching divers in cages, they simply try to get them out as a sign of friendship. Especially with their jaws wide open. Yeah.

Source: Twitter

9. Who knew this shark had a future in comedy?

shark memes

Source: Imgflip

10. Humans are friends, not food!

Source: Ask Ideas

11. Poor shark just wanted to help the tourists on their boat, only to be shot by a spear gun! Rude.

shark memes

Source: Complex

12. Combining a grumpy cat meme with a shark meme? Genius.

Source: Open Sea

13. Is it just us, or does this shark look like Steve Carell and Miles Teller?

shark memes

Source: PNG Wing

14. So would this hybrid be a shorse? Or a hark? We’re not sure what to call it, but it’s glorious.

shark memes

Source: Shark Dreams

15. There are too many memes about COVID-19 these days. It’s time for shark memes and pizza.

Source: Imgflip

16. Ladies, beware! A shark can smell blood, especially during that time!

shark memes

Source: Imgflip

17. It looks like somebody’s excited for shark week.

shark memes

Source: Latin Times

18. Some sharks are just trying to fulfill their duties as faithful members of the Christian Shark Community.

Source: Imgur

19. Some sharks are so small you can just grab them right out of the sea. But be gentle!

Source: Browse Dank Memes

20. Humans aren’t the only ones afraid of how seaweed feels in the middle of the ocean. Best of shark memes!

shark memes

Source: Deviant Art

21. On the rare occasion that a shark does eat a human, they’re refined enough to add cranberry sauce to enhance the white meat’s flavor.

Source: Quickmeme

22. Something tells us that “teeth” would not be as formidable as “jaws,” but they would fit sharks way more.

Source: Memes Monkey

23. Shy shark is shy. They just want you for dinner, er, over for dinner.

shark memes

Source: Ruin My Week

24. Most sharks are sad that we run away from them, and we ought to be more understanding of how that makes them feel!

Source: Flickr

25. Kawaii shark!

shark memes

Source: Facebook

26. Sea dog shark is lost! Somebody should call the number before it gets any more lost in the sea.

shark memes

Source: Red Bubble

27. If sharks steal your Bluetooth, just let them have it. Chances are they’ll enjoy it way more than you do.

Source: World Wide Interweb

28. I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky.

shark memes

Source: World Wide Interweb

29. Not all sharks are as considerate as this one! It waited for the human to take a selfie and post it before eating her.

shark memes

Source: World Wide Interweb

30. Nobody ever comes to swim in the ocean on Christmas Day. Sharks miss the company.

Source: World Wide Interweb

31. Nothing can cure a boring day as a deep sea swims with a shark!

Source: Amino Apps

32. Sharks love celebrating Christmas with sales! 

shark memes

Source: Facebook

33. It’s kind of annoying when humans invade your space. Like guys, can you not swim in your speedos for a while?

Source: Meme Arsenal

34. Sharks are more ticklish than we realize.

shark memes

Source: World Wide Interweb

35. Sharks may crack great jokes, but seals can do it better, at least occasionally.

Source: Ask Ideas

36. Sharks only have rows and rows of giant razor-sharp teeth so they can make plankton even smaller than it already is. Promise.

Source: Ebay

37. You can’t just go around picking baby sharks up out of the water! 

shark memes

Source: Imgur

38. Sometimes sharks get so hungry that fiber optic cables start to look extra delicious.

Source:  Tumblr

39. Can he have a swimmer? Asking for a friend.

Source: Wallpaper Safari

40. This shark fin-ally worked up the courage to give the other shark a compliment!

shark memes

Source: Always Pets 

41. this is an effective weight loss program for sharks and deserves a high five.

Source: Fans Share

42. Move aside, shark!

shark memes

Source: Ultimate Animals

43. Toothy shark gives Sarah a birthday greeting.

Source: Meme Creator

44. Encouraging shark tells you you’re beautiful. Embrace it.

Source: Shark Dreams

45. They aren’t all that bad! Most of them just want to be tickled.

shark memes

Source: Reddit

46. Here’s a raptor on a shark with a bazooka. ‘Nuff said.

Source: Meme Generator

47. Whale sharks would like to report that humans are being unfair to all the other sharks in the ocean!

shark memes

Source: Ask Ideas

48. Dentist, dentist, look at my tooth! Look at it up close!

Source: Ask Ideas

49. This Sharkie hasn’t been going to the dentist regularly. Yikes!

Source: Ask Ideas

50. Time to go back home into the ocean, drunk shark.

shark memes

Source: Ask Ideas

51. What if we replaced sharp shark teeth with human teeth?

shark memes

Source: Ask Ideas

What You Can Do for Sharks Besides Using Shark Memes

Now that you’ve enjoyed these shark memes, you may be wondering if there’s something you can do to contribute to the well-being of these sea creatures. Here are 10 easy ways you can help save sharks:

    1. Learn as much as you can about sharks
    2. Reduce your seafood consumption
    3. Do not use shark products
    4. Donate and volunteer with shark conservation organizations
    5. Continue to reduce, reuse, and recycle
    6. Go diving with sharks
    7. Spread awareness on social media
    8. Make your voice heard when you see abuse
    9. Talk to your local educators
    10. Reach out to your legislators

It takes all of us to ensure that sharks, sea creatures, other animals, and humans live in harmony and thrive in a healthy environment.

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