Tehran’s Buildings Transformed by Incredible Street Art

Hundreds of Tehran’s buildings and walls are completely transformed by the incredible street art and murals of Mehdi Ghadyanloo. When you think of street art you, Iran is probably not the first place that comes to mind, but after seeing this all that will change.

Ghadyanloo started off by decorating Tehran’s high rise buildings and offices eight years ago. He is inspired by minimalism and empty architectural spaces on which he create’s surreal murals that appear to be from another universe. His paintings aim to create gravity defying and perspective altering illusions that blend in with the sky and surrounding buildings.

Old Memories of Tehran.



Childhood Dreams.

Life Locomotive.

Folded Walls.



When I Was a Child.


Time Travelers.

Life Cycle.

Happy Stairs.

Old Memories of Tehran.

Photos by Mehdi Ghadyanloo

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