21 Struggles Everyone Working in Retail Will Understand

Here are 20 struggles everyone in retail will totally understand.

1. Everyday now starts like this:

2. When customers tell you “This product is so much cheaper elsewhere”…

3. When you have been nominated to do the ‘clopen’ – close up then open up the following morning:

4. When it gets to christmas time and the festive music just gets too much:

5. When someone asks to speak to your manager, suggesting you have no idea what you are doing.

6. When you are wearing your work uniform and a customer asks “Excuse me, do you work here?”.

7. When a customer thinks this is going to help:

8. When you suddenly realise you’ve been in this job way too long:

9. You are forced to offer promotions that no one wants, meaning customers respond like this:

10. The horrific moment you look out back for something thats not on the shelf and return to the customer empty handed.

11. How busy it gets every year around christmas time.

12. When someone doesn’t know what they are looking for, so you just end up staring at them:

13. When you work in a large store, and people expect you to know where EVERYTHING is.

14. Customers who wont even say hello or look you in the eye:

15. When you meet a new employee for the first time:

16. When you are left abandoned at the checkout and the line starts to get huge:

17. Realising that these people don’t actually exist in real life:

18. When everyone posts online “cannot wait for the weekend!” and then you realise you work in retail.

19. When you have to clear anything up:

20. Having to deal with a rude customer:

How you look on the outside.

How you feel on the inside.

21. When someone says your name because its on your ‘name badge’ and you get creeped out:

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