21 Insane Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

These insane optical illusions have the ability to mess with your mind. There are many types of optical illusion, some natural and some man-made but all of them are characterised by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

1. What you are seeing is actually 4 perfectly round circles.

2. Stare at this picture and it moves. Its actually a static image.

3. Is this picture coloured or black and white?.

4. Yes or No?.

5. These two images are actually the same.

6. Stare at the cross in the middle. Look what happens to the celebrities faces.

7. A and B are the same shade of grey.

Were not joking. Here is proof.

8. Cover the line where the two cubes join. They are the same colour.

9. Spinning circles.

10. When you stare at the cross in the middle for long enough, look what happens to the pink dots.

11. Two faces in just one picture.

12. Stare at this with crossed eyes. You will see a familiar face.

13. These two orange circles are actually the same size.

See. Told you.

14. Move closer and further back from the screen whilst focusing on the yellow circle.

15. Stare at this for 30 seconds and then look at the picture of Inception below.

16. The yellow and blue rectangles appear to be moving one after the other. They are actually moving at the same time.

17. All of these dots are white, but some appear to be black.

18. Stare at the green dot in the middle long enough. Watch what happens to the yellow dots.

20. If you look long enough, all of these lines are actually parallel.

21. If you cover the middle of the hallway the image speeds up, if you cover the doors either side of the corridor the image slows down.

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