24 People Who Instantly Learnt Their Lesson

These 25 people got exactly what they deserved, just not as soon as they expected. This is instant karma in action.

1. This Cyclist:

2. This Girl:

3. This guy getting owned by a sign.

4. This queue jumper:

5. This guy who should have stayed still.

6. This guy who should have left the ducks alone.

7. The person who made an illegal turn in front of the police:

8. The guy who messed with the wrong tyre:

9. This guy for trying to steal:

10. This driver for using the phone whilst driving:

11. He messed with the wrong horse:

12. The sign strikes back:

13. This guy who should have stuck to the path:

14. This guy who tried to steal:

15. Thats what you get for kicking a ball at someone else:

16. The baby who got out smarted by this cat:

17. This guy for trying to be funny:

18. This girl:

19. The chair that just wouldn’t budge.

20. These guys for ruining a golfing game.

21. This guy for taking on the bin:

22. He really shouldn’t have done that.

23. When flying kicks go wrong.

24. This guy who lost. Badly.

source: imgur

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