Storm Chaser Gets Struck By Lightning And Films It All

It’s safe to say storm chasing isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but for the few that are into this strange hobby it’s easy to see how it can be quite a rush when you’re up close and personal with a tornado or a lightning storm.

For storm chaser  Scott Shepard however, things went a bit downhill when he was inadvertently struck by lighting.

Scott is now fine and has left hospital with 2 things; a very cool story to tell and video of the whole crazy debacle!


The strike hit Sheppard’s arm and then hit the ground, where it made the hole you can see in the video. The car Sheppard was in at the time and another vehicle close by were so badly damaged that they had to be towed.

Sheppard told The Weather Channel that he plans to keep on chasing storms.

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