10 Truly Magical Snow and Ice Formations That Prove Cold Weather Is Awesome


Cold weather and winter time often carries some pretty negative stigmas. If you hate the cold weather then you should take some time out to take a look at these amazing photographs. They prove that the cold weather can be awesome too in its own unique and beautiful way.

1. Frozen Bubbles

amazing frozen winter photography 1

amazing frozen winter photography 2

amazing frozen winter photography 3

photos via Angel Kelly

2. Folded Snow

folded snow 1

via Boredpanda

3. Frozen Lighthouse on Lake Michigan

frozen lighthouse michigan 1

frozen lighthouse michigan 2

images via Thomas Zakowski

4. Frosted Lace

frosted lace 1

photo by Robert Felton

5. Frozen Flower Buds

frozen flower buds

photo by João Paglione

6. Frozen Lakes

frozen lakes

photo by Chip Phillips

7. Ice Blossoms

ice blossoms

via Imgur

8. Frozen Pond

frozen pond

photo by Adam Rifkin

9. Frost on a fence


via boredpanda

10. Frost flowers in the Atlantic Ocean

frost flowers atlantic ocean

photo via Matthias Wietz

h/t boredpanda