The 23 Most Smartass Things to Ever Happen


Some people just can't help themselves. Whether it's an oddly placed sign or a funny test question they always come up with something smart to say. Here are the 23 most smartass things to ever happen.

1. This Snapchat.

can food drive

2. The risk that paid off.


3. Paying respects to The Lion King


4. There is always one.

facebook grammar nazi

5. These test answers.

funny test anwers

6. This environmentalist

gas lol

7. Golds Gym

golds gym

8. This person who has a damaged wallet.

ipaid too much

9. This powerful statement.


10. Tetris Nerds

nerdy vandalism

11. A master baker

pro baking

12. This caution sticker

sarcastic pen knife

13. Siri getting all clever

siri being clever

14. Bursting into song on a test:

song lyrics

15. Sad but true.

suggestion science

16. The harsh truth about giraffes is finally out there

the truth on giraffes

17. The truth is out there.

this is racism

18. Someone just had to ruin it.


19. The Facebook doctor.

we got a doctor here

20. This room is full of awesome.

diesel generator and transformer

21. Following instructions.

draw bridge

22. Pretty much.

pretty much

23. This toilet sign.

washing hands