Bridge in Japan Is so Steep It Looks More Like a Roller Coaster

The Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan is more of a roller coaster than a bridge. It may not have any loops or spins but it does have one incredibly steep 44-m-tall incline that would be scary which ever way you drive across it.

The reason the bridge was designed with such a steep incline is to let ships pass underneath. Those who are brave enough to drive along the Eshima Ohashi bridge get to see amazing views of the two cities that the bridge connects, Matsue and Sakaiminato. 

In reality the inclines are only 6.1% and 5.1%, which is still pretty steep but the reason it appears so steep is due to some clever photography using a telephoto lens.

Ys Waiz
Asahi Shimbun

h/t DailyMail, BoredPanda

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