Disney Princesses Reimagined as Hot Dogs

The best 'reimagined Disney' series yet.
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Of all the series based on Disney princesses reimagined, from realistic waistlines to what they would post if they had Instagram, but this series from a food site called LuckyPeach might just be the very best yet, turning ordinary hot dogs into beautiful Disney princesses.

The creators behind the project, Anna Hezel and Gabriella Paiella, have even been kind enough to include the recipe for each princess so that you to can have a go. So far they've only given four lucky princesses a hot dog makeover including Ariel, Rapunzel, Pocahontas and Belle.


disney princess hot dogs 1.jpg


disney princess hot dogs 2.jpg


disney princess hot dogs 3.jpg


disney princess hot dogs 4.jpg

Source: luckypeach.com

h/t Cosmopolitan