17 Things That Literally Everyone Does

Think you are strange? think again. Those strange habits and guilty feelings you get all the time are experienced by the rest of humanity on a daily basis. Here are 17 things that literally everyone does.

1. Whenever a professional comes to your house to fix something, you feel bad that you are not helping, even though you are paying them.

2. You read emails from the other persons perspective before sending them, just to make sure.

3. You smile and pay attention to dogs whilst completely ignoring the owners.

4. You say ouch when you bump into things, even if didn’t hurt and nobody else is around.

5. Sometimes you have the urge to clear all notifications on your phone, just so that your phone looks tidy.


6. You can’t eat your food until you’ve found the right thing to watch on Netflix.

7. It feels incredibly weird saying your own name.

8. When you are driving and lost you have to turn the music down.

9. You can’t have a long conversation on the phone at home without walking pretty much everywhere.

10. Whenever you go shopping you feel as if the staff suspect you of being a thief.

11. You open the fridge to look for some food, find nothing, close the fridge and then open it again to see if anything has changed.

12. You check behind the shower curtain whenever you use the bathroom, just in case.

13. You imagine that your phone vibrates in your pocket sometimes.

14. When someone lets you cross the road and you feel obliged to speed up so you don’t inconvenience them.

15. You’ve thought about all the photos you appear in as just a stranger in the background.

16. You always throw away the packaging to what you are cooking, only to realise you need the instructions and have to dig it out of the bin again.

17. Finally, you can read a whole page and get to the end of it without properly processing any of the information. 

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