30 Tumblr Posts About Animals That Will Leave You Laughing

When is Tumblr at its most hilarious? the answer is when it’s sharing photos of animals and giving them hilarious captions. Most of these photos on their own would make you smile at best, but with the added captions and comments they become absolutely hilarious. This will leave you laughing…

1. Having fun is all that matters!

2. Please be patient, ma’am.

3. One of these is not like the otters.

4. No prizes for guessing.

5. This challenge of authority.

6. Dad, please stop.

7. When this happens.

8. For christ’s sake Robert, not again!

9. This pug understands the struggle of being human.

10. All about the booty.

11. His face says it all.

12. Hello land dog…

13. Finding Nemo just got real.

14. This is pure genius.

15. You’re useless with directions, Steven.

16. Please don’t leave!

17. “I was born ready for walkies.”

18. That look of disgust though.

19. Is there more than bear to being a bear?

20. The weather seems a little ruff.

21. This little pups aspirations.

22. When you see it…

23. Watch out, they’re evolving.

24. The damn face.

25. This is a strange dog.

26. This is how you cat, repeat after me…

27. Watch out for the suspicious horse.

28. This poor cat deserves a break.

29. Otter prepares for otter space.

30. Finally, this pug that can’t believe what he’s seeing.

Source: Imgur

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