Husband Spends 2 Years Planting Thousands of Flowers for Blind Wife

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Mr and Mrs. have lived a happy life together as dairy farmers in rural Japan, raising two children. More recently however tragedy struck. Due to complications with her diabetes Mrs. Kuroki lost her sight and became withdrawn and depressed, often keeping herself to the confinement of her family home.

Struggling to find a way to console his wife Mr. Kuroki came up with a beautiful idea, to plant a flower garden allowing her to enjoy the smell of the flowers and encourage her to come outside more often. Two years of hard work later and thousands of flowers planted Mrs. Kuroki isn't the only one who now enjoys the beautiful garden as this real life love story now also attracts visitors from around the world.

Mrs. Kuroki has enjoyed being outside her entire life.

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She and her husband move to this diary farm in 1956 after getting married.

They lived happily together for years, during that time they raised two children, but their happiness changed after Mrs. Kuroki lost her sight.

Blinded after complications related to diabetes she became withdrawn and stopped going outside.

Concerned for his wife Mr. Kuroki tried to come up with a solution.



So he started to plant thousands of flowers...

And over the course of two years he grew this stunning flower garden.

Mrs. Kuroki enjoys being outside once again thanks to the beautiful smell.

Now the two of them are happier than ever.

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