Horse Gets Fresh Three-Piece Tailored Suit Finished in Tweed

The classiest horse outfit ever!?
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It may sound like a silly joke, but 'a horse in a suit' is now a reality after being commissioned by bookmakers William Hill, and it looks incredibly dapper. Finished off in tweed the three-pice tailored suit was created in order to commemorate Cheltenham's 2016 horse racing festival. The suit took four weeks to design and was created by Emma Sandham-King, one of Alexander McQueen's former apprentices.

A design team led by Emma Sandham-King took 4 weeks to create a tailored suit for race veteran Morestead.

horse gets three pieced tweed suit 1.jpg

The three-piece suit is made from tweed and required over 59ft of material!

horse gets three pieced tweed suit 2.jpg

Morestead can be seen modelling the stylish suit with champion jockey Sir Tony McCoy

horse gets three pieced tweed suit 3.jpg

Morestead has never looked fresher!

horse gets three pieced tweed suit 4.jpg

Source: YouTube