19 Sad Illustrations That Show Everything Wrong in Modern Society

Here on BlazePress we love satirical illustrations that comment on topics such as politics, religion and even society as a whole which is what makes the work of Italian freelance illustrator Marco Melgrati so brilliant.

Marco has been freelance-drawing since 2008 but still finds time on the side to create these thought provoking illustrations that force us to pause for a second and reflect on recent affairs and recurring problems.

Although Marco’s artworks are full of different meanings and messages his main motivator is simple, to encourage people to take back their lives in whatever way they can to make them happy, whether that’s through something as simple as changing the way they interact with social media or more extreme measures such as changing career.

1. Love your enemies

2. Self Made

3. Solving problems: logic or instinct?

4. Social Media Narcissism

5. Modern love

6. Be whoever you want to be

7. No more privacy

8. Becoming trapped in work

9. Karma

10. Learn to use it better

11. Power and politics

12. Learning to forget

13. What happens to America?

14. Should be love.

15. Everybody needs somebody.

16. Pay attention!

17. Influencers and followers

18. The human cost of deforestation

19. War in the name of God

Source: Instagram

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