Sushi Donuts Fuse Your Two Favourite Foods into One

They look delicious.
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When it comes to Sushi the possibilities are endless, proven by the fact that some genius has already created the sushi burger, but as if that wasn't enough sushi awesomeness for some the sushi donut is now a thing.

Fusing the two loveable foods together Sam Melbourne has created her very own sushi donuts that are not only a tasty snack but also quite possibly the most Instagram worthy sushi creation ever - if they taste as good as they look then count us in!.

In order to create the sushi donuts Sam used a donut mould which was greased with coconut oil before adding cooled sushi rice and then adding in decorative touches made from black sesame, ginger and wasabi. Below are a few photos of the Sushi donuts that have been popping up on Instagram recently.