23 Examples of Hyper Realistic Art So Good You’ll Swear They’re Photographs

Thanks to the ancient Greeks the Western world has long strived to create realistic artwork, but it wasn’t until the 70’s that the popularity of almost photo realistic paintings reached its peak, making way for what we now call Photorealism and Hyperrealism. Still popular today many artists such as the ones you see below have spent years perfecting their techniques in their chosen mediums so that they’re able to create artworks so realistic you’d think they’re photographs.

The two main approaches to these artworks however, Photorealism and Hyperrealism share some differences. Whilst photorealism aims to literally recreate an object without emotion, hyperrealism aims to add emotion and explore a narrative.

1. Oil Paintings By Robin Eley

Robin Eley

2. Oil Painting by Mike Dargas

Mike Dargas

3. Oil Painting by Nathan Walsh

Nathan Walsh

4. Pastel Finger Drawing by Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman

5. Oil Painting by Oda and Kit King

Oda and Kit King

6. Oil Painting by Pitoh


7. Coloured Pencil Drawing By Jose Vergara

Jose Vergara

8. Oil Painting by Yigal Ozer

Yigal Ozeri

9. Oil Painting by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Dennis Wojtkiewicz

10. Pencil Drawings On Wood by Ivan Ho

Ivan Hoo

11. Pencil Drawing By Diego Fazio

Diego Fazio

12. Oil Paintings By Gregory Thielker

Gregory Thielker

13. Oil Painting By Omar Ortiz

Omar Ortiz

14. Charcoal and Graphite Drawing by Emanuele Dascanio

Emanuele Dascanio

15. Pastel Drawing by Rubén Belloso Adorna

Rubén Belloso Adorna

16. Oil On Canvas By Young-sung Kim

Young-sung Kim

17. Acrylic Painting by Jason De Graaf

Jason de Graaf

18. Pencil Drawings by Paul Lung

Paul Lung

19. Oil Paintings by Kwangho Lee

Kwangho Lee

20. Oil Painting by Reisha Perlmutter

Reisha Perlmutter

21. Oil Painting by Omar Ortiz

Omar Ortiz

22. Pen Drawings by CJ Hendry

CJ Hendry

23. Oil Painting by Adele Renault

Adele Renault

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