Bin That Looks Like Donald Trump Sparks Hilarious Photoshop Battle

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After Twitter user Thomas Regembal took this picture in Paris of a cardboard box that had been chucked into a bin he though't it would be funny to share it with the rest of the world after realising that it looks a lot like Donald Trump. Given how viral the photo has become since it's clear that the internet agrees too and we have to admit the similarities are pretty clear.

The internet then worked its magic and the hashtag #TheAdventuresOfDonaldTheBin was born, inviting everyone to start Photoshoping the Donald bin into hilarious situations. Here is a round up of the funniest.


funny donald trump bin photoshop 1

Let the Photoshop battle begin...

1. Make Minecraft great again!

2. Mount Trumpmore.

3. Donald the bin.

4. American Gothbin.

5. "After a leaked photo emerges, Sean Spicer denies Trump Cabinet members are manufactured puppets." 

6. On his way to the inauguration ceremony.

7. Time Magazine's bin of the year.

funny donald trump bin photoshop 5

8. The adventures of Donald the bin.

9. Swearing in.

funny donald trump bin photoshop 10

10. We've got to move these colour TV's.

11. Discussing a new construction project with Bob.

12. Desktop "Wall" paper.

13. Donald the bin takes on an eagle.

14. A sad moment.


16. Everything is awesome!

funny donald trump bin photoshop 14

17. Make America great again.