This Restaurant in the Philippines Now Sells LEGO Burger Buns

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Inspired by everyone's favourite childhood toy a restaurant recently opened in Pasig, Philippines that has a unique selling point - it sells square burgers that come in the form of colourful LEGO shaped burger buns.

The Brick Burger restaurant takes the famous LEGO pattern and turns it into an appetising feast known as the Brick Burger, available in three primary colours, red, yellow, black and with a whole variety of fillings.

Brick Burger has been open since 2016 and is run by owner Jergs Correa who took a lot of inspiration from LEGO not only for the menu but the design of the restaurant too. Inside you'll find lego inspired menu's, decor, lights and a floor plan created using LEGO pieces - even the bill trays are made from LEGO!

LEGO has never looked so tasty. For more info on the restaurant and its LEGO burger buns head over to Facebook.