10 Incredible Photos That Made It onto the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist

The Sony World Photography Awards attracts more entries from both amateur and professional photographers than any other photography competition in the world which is why each year it’s showcasing some of the very best photos you’ll likely to see in 2017. The competition which is divided up into four categories, Open, Youth, Professional and Student Focus, aims to help shape the careers of current photographers and those just starting out by displaying the honoured, recognised and winning photos in an annual exhibition.

This year marks the 10th edition of the contest with the shortlisted photos being displayed in an exhibition in London. Within the aforementioned categories is various subcategories that include landscapes, still life, current affairs, contemporary issues and more. You can keep up to date with the competition and the countdown until the winners are announced here.

2. “Buffalos and Stars” by Andreas Hemb

3. “Raul Rodrigues Jr” by Giulia Piermartiri & Edoardo Delille

4. “Caught in the Crossfire” by Ivor Prickett

5. “Diamond-Dust” by Masayasu Sakuma

6. A Country Doctor and Her Calling” by Ioana Moldovan

7. “Lady in Red” by Placido Faranda

8. “Mourning Ceremony” by Emrah Karakoç

9. “Moody” by Ann Ric

10. “Lonely Tree” by Tom Jacobi

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