20 Perfectly Timed Photos You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

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Digitally manipulating a photo can have some amazing effects, you just need to check out these amazing examples of Photoshop in action to see that, but sometimes it isn't need - because sometimes a photo is so good that no amount of Photoshop will improve it.

We're talking about the kind of photos that look so amazing you question whether they've been Photoshopped or not and that's exactly what this amazing list of perfectly timed photos is.

1. A skull face spotted in a fire.

2. This way too perfect icy mould of a cars front bumper.

3. These perfectly lined up trees at a tree plantation.

4. The iceberg that Gotham needs.

5. A crazy star is formed when all of these wind turbines are photographed from the right angle.

6. This tree has a vibrant glow around its trunk made using leaves.

7. These two dogs that have the mastered the art of camouflage.

8. A hermit crab using a skull as its home.

9. A fall streak cloud, also known as a hole punch cloud forms over eastern Victoria, Australia.

10. Rough seas from onboard a ship.

11. This cooled off lava flow looks like a pile of bodies slowly being consumed by a fiery pit.

12. A confusing perspective of the sea meeting dry land.

13. A stone chip on a cars windscreen forms the shape of a bird in flight.

14. A storm so dramatic it would make a hollywood disaster movie proud.

15. A photo of San Francisco's Sutro Tower that makes it look like a ship floating through a foggy ocean.

16. This is one photo.

17. Rain drops on a window refract the plane above creating lots of tiny planes.

18. A wheat and lavender field split perfectly down the middle.

19. The moment a wave hits a rock.

20. A church in Georgia photographed at the right angle to capture the huge mountain behind it.