This Architects Stunning Concept Home Hangs from a Cliffside in Iceland

Terrifying and beautiful.
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Designer Alex Hogrefe is no stranger to bringing beautiful homes to life through his incredible illustrations, it's what he does everyday after all, but when he isn't busy working on real projects for clients he likes to create his own homes that unlike most homes aren't confined by real world practicality and costs (you know, the boring stuff that spoils all of the fun) and the results are breathtaking. Don't believe us? then this incredible home perched on a cliffside should do the trick.

For his latest project Hogrefe has created a home that's carved into a cliff in Iceland that actually extends itself over the cliffside and hangs over the ocean below, but it's not just his creativity that's got people's attention - the renders and visualisations that he creates look fascinatingly real making this amazing and yet slightly terrifying home even more impressive.

Using a combination of 3D rendering software and Photoshop he is able to build up a series of images that are incredibly realistic. The interior shots for this project are in black and white, a deliberate choice by Hogrefe to highlight light and shadow areas of the home. You can see more of the designers work on his Facebook page and blog.

Alex Hogrefe

Alex Hogrefe

h/t Mymodernmet