This Amazing 3D-Printed House Only Took 24 Hours to Build

As the world’s population continues to grow one of the biggest problems we collectively face is finding enough homes for all of us to live in and affordable ones at that. Whilst technologies such as 3D-printing have already proven they can help us when it comes to engineering and medicine one San Francisco-based company is on a mission prove it can help improve quality of life elsewhere – by building perfectly liveable homes in just 24 hours.

Located in Russia the home that Apis Cor built may not be a mansion at 400 square foot but it’s a step in a rather cool direction that may pave the way for bigger and better 3D-printed structures in the future. The house was created using their mobile construction 3D printer and used a concrete mixture to create its structure and although it was created in just 24 hours it’s expected to last for more that 175 years… not bad when you consider that the total cost to create the home was just $10,000!. Will we all be living in 3D printed homes one day? it’s too early to tell but it’s a cool project all the same. You can find out more on the Apis Cor website.

A company based in San-Francisco just built a 400-square-foot 3D-printed home in Russia

Apis Cor

To create the home they used a mobile 3D printer that creates structures using a concrete mixture

Apis Cor

The home, built by Apis Cor, only took 24 hours from start to completion

Although just because it was built in a day doesn’t mean it won’t last…

As the 3D-printed home is expected to last around 175 years!

Which means this isn’t a temporary answer to a home, it’s long term…

But the coolest part is the cost…

As this modern 3D printed home only costs around $10,000 to make!

Which means that cheap housing is now a very real possibility for those that need it the most

Check out the video for more information:

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