22 People That Followed Instructions to the Word and Totally Won

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Instructions are important as they keep society functioning and without them everything would likely descend into chaos. They're pretty much everywhere, whether you're following the rules of the road as you drive, trying to function as a normal member of society or even just putting up some flatpack furniture - they are a part of all aspects of life, but that doesn't mean you can't flout them now and again.

These people haven't exactly given up with all together but instead decided to rebel against them in the best way possible - by following them to the word with often hilarious outcomes.

1. Apparently people don't like to be reminded of their own impending doom.

2. This work around which means you get free water with your peanut.

3. In response to their mum telling them to "clean the bathroom as if the queen of England was coming to visit."

4. They were asked to put together a generic party so that's exactly what they did.

5. This mother that was only doing what she was asked to do.

6. "You are to assume the role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870."

7. The delivery man... delivers.

8. The secret instructions to draw the best sheep ever.

following instructions to the letter 9

9. He's doing the only thing he can.

10. If the sign says 'draw bridge" then...

11. It's good to see that people are complying with the rules.

12. Sorry dog, but rules are rules.

13. He's doing an amazing job!

14. They asked the waitress for "one very small check" and were given this.

15. Well, it does say to question EVERYTHING.

16. Starbucks at its finest.

17. His wife asked him to take photos of his day with his selfie stick.

18. A wise choice indeed.

19. That's one way to get around the "end user license agreement."

20. His wife asked him to put dinner in the oven at 120 degrees.

21. "My wife just told me she's pregnant and wanted a toasty shower. First dad joke complete."

22. The ultimate pick-up line.

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