Stray Dog Rescued by Monastery Is Given His Own Adorable Friar Outfit

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The Franciscan Monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia now has a new member after they decided to take in a stray schnauzer pup and make him their newest and cutest mascot. The monastery was named after St. Francis of Assisi, a Roman Catholic saint well known for his love of animals, so it seems fitting that they've now adopted the dog and even given him his very own miniature friars outfit.

Aside from the adorable outfit they gave him the Franciscan fraternity also wanted to make the arrival of their new recruit official so decided to christen him and give the dog his own holy name, Friar Bigotón, which can be translated to the rather hilarious name “Brother Mustache.”

Now Bigotón can be found roaming the grounds of the monastery, proudly displaying his new outfit and receiving plenty of love and attention from his rescuers. “Here, all of the brothers love him very much. He is a creature of God, ” Jorge Fernandez told The Dodo.Bigotón’s rescue was made possible by a project called Proyecto Narices Frias which translates to “The Cold Nose Project.” It's hoped that by sharing his story that other compassionate and religious groups will also follow suit and give an animal in need a new life full of happiness. We wish Friar Bigotón all the best in the future as he continues to carry out his religious duties with the Franciscan fraternity!

A stray dog is the latest member to join the Franciscan brotherhood in Cochabamba.

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The schanuzer pup was adopted by the Franciscan Monastery in Bolivia and given his own proper christening.

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They decided to name him Friar Bigotón, which translates to "Brother Mustache."

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And in order to make him feel like a proper member of the team they even gave him his own tiny robe.

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Which he now proudly wears as he roams freely around the monastery's grounds.

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Receiving plenty of love and attention on the way... we're pretty sure he's going to love his new life!

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