24 People That Went Above and Beyond for the Sake of Fancy Dress

These costumes are hilarious...
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Cosplaying is a big deal that some people invest a lot of time, effort and money into, but when you've got a limited budget you have to turn towards your more creative side just as these people did and the outcome is often way better than anything you could have achieved with fancy props or expensive costumes.

These people quite clearly made their own costumes and for that they're all the more awesome. Fancy dress is often something that's taken light heartedly and whilst these costumes will likely make you smile they're no laughing matter... they're epic!. Here are 24 genius costumes from people who went above and beyond...

1. Toy Soldier

2. A cat scratching post... for all of those halloween cats.

3. Whilst undergoing chemotherapy this guy decided to take full advantage during halloween.

4. The coolest Mad Max cosplay you'll ever see.

5. Grayscale couple

6. This hurricane fancy dress (there's no wind involved!).

7. Peter Pan and his shadow.

8. This weatherman's amazing halloween costume.

9. The ultimate rollercoaster group cosplay.

10. John Snow White

11. Little Red Riding Hood cosplay.

12. Che Guevara T-shirt Cosplay

13. The Intellectual Property Guy

14. Ginger Beard Man

15. Amazon Prime!

16. Introducing... Internet Explorer!

17. This Gravity costume that's really out-of-this-world.

18. Iron Man... who wore it best?

19. The side table of guilt.

20. Costume not found.

21. This girl used her birth defect to create an amazing zombie cosplay

22. 50 Shades of Grey

23. This Arthur meme costume is too good.

funniest fancy dress costumes ever 17

24. Finally, Spiderman mourning for his loss.