26 Times Tumblr Told the Funniest Disney Jokes Ever

As much as we love Disney movies they don’t come without their flaws and pitfalls, something that the social media platform tumblr and its users are all too willing to point out and make fun of on a regular basis.

Whether these are posts about a specific character or about the entire movie or perhaps even just the best kind of humour – a pun or two about why Peter Pan is always flying – because he ‘neverlands’, here are 26 tumblr posts about Disney that will leave you laughing.

The best funny Disney Tumblr Jokes we could find

  1. Tumblr makes fun of Disney 













14. Right? I thought the same thing 

15. LOL, Clever little Disney pun 

16. Just nope 

17. This is actually very true, why did she love him?!

18. Disney has life figured out, and little kids don’t get a lot of their jokes at a young age

19. Oh Disney, you just get life 

20. Little Mermaid seeing her hair dry for the first time 

21. After the beast and Belle got married they needed to buy everything new, as the castle turned into people 


23. A brilliant and overlooked detail in the movie 

24. This is the world history in one sentence 

25. This is the best joke Disney has ever made and Tumblr showed it beautifully 

26. On my birthday we went to a restaurant where they cook in front of you 

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