Woman Attaches Wigs to a Box, Her Cat Unknowingly Tries Them On

We all know that cats absolutely love hiding in small spaces and when it comes to spaces that tick all of their requirements the humble cardboard box trumps them all. With this in mind Maru, the 9-year-old Scottish fold cat and his owner decided to use their love for cardboard boxes  to create a rather hilarious video in which Maru squeezes into a tiny box that’s had a hole cut out of it with a wig placed around it by his owner and the results are hilariously adorable.

From funky green wigs to luscious locks of golden hair Maru looks amazing in just about every wig he unknowingly tries on and it’s adorable. Aside being a fantastic wig model Maru can also boast that he’s the most watched animal on YouTube with more than 500k people subscribed to his YouTube Channel. You can watch more of him here.

You can see Maru trying on the different wigs in the video below!

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