This Instagram Couple Can Make up to $9,000 per Photo Whilst Travelling the World

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Whilst many live for the time that they'll eventually get off of work in order to go travelling or have a summer break Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen have turned what we often refer to as a summer vacation into a full time career that allows them to travel to some of the most beautiful spots in the world whilst posting photos of what they get up to over Instagram, sometimes earning up to $9000 for just one photo.

How do they do it? a lot of it has to do with the couples huge popularity over on Instagram with Jack now at 2 million followers and Lauren also boasting an impressive 1.2 million. With a combined following of well over 3 million followers the couple now make enough money from the sponsorships that tourism companies give them in order to sustain regular trips around the world as well as owning a home in Bali.

Both self taught photographers a lot of their success can be put down to the quality and style of photos that they both take. In a recent Q&A that Jack posted on his travel blog, DoYouTravel, he revealed how he uses a program called Lightroom in which he uses his own presets to edit his photos that he's developed over time. Now, as the couple continue to travel and their following grows it's reported that they don't work with any company for less than $3000. You can see more over on Jack or Lauren's Instagram as well as their blog.

Instagram-famous couple Jack Morris and his partner Lauren Bullen get paid to travel the world

Thanks to their amazing photos and own distinct style the pair have built up a following of millions

Now tourism brands will sometimes pay them up to $9000 for a photo on their profiles

Jack, 26, was once a carpet cleaner from Manchester but gave it all up in 2012. Lauren, 23, is a self-taught photographer from Australia...

The couple met in Fiji and have since bought themselves a place in Bali

Although they are based in Bali, they still travel to a different country every month

In order to take shots of themselves the couple use tripods and timers or remotes to get the perfect photo

With the amount of photos they take the couple is able to offset the cost of travelling

Aside from Instagram Jack also has a blog called DoYouTravel on which he recently shared some of his photo secrets...

He uses a program called Lightroom to edit all of his photos with his own presets

Adding that the couple often shoot their photos one hour after sunrise when it's less busy...

And find inspiration for all of their shots either on Pinterest or other Instagram profiles

All of which means they now get paid to travel to some of the world's most beautiful places.