30 Hilarious Fails That Show Why You Should Hire Someone Who Knows What They're Doing

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Whether it's installing a security gate that's actually "secure" or using the appropriate font on a sign to avoid spelling out something embarrassing these 30 hilarious design fails serve as a poignant reminder that hiring someone that knows what they're doing for a job is pretty damn important.

1. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

2. Mistakes were made.

3. The escalator with a dead end.

4. The slide of pain.

5. Cycle path to nowhere.

6. Pure evil.


8. Setting unrealistic body standards for men.

9. Can you help? No you can't.

10. "Make the other hand look manly."

11. Forever alone.

12. Please, don't do that in the pool.

13. Too much to handle.

14. Unfortunate balloon placement.

15. No problem if your arms are 7-feet long.

16. Robot baby is set on destruction.

17. Just to be sure.

funny design fails 2

18. Not quite what they were going for.

19. Mirrors on the ceiling in a public toilet.

20. This amazing piece of translation.

21. Should've gone to Specsavers.

22. Strict instructions.

23. This kitten sock.

24. Which one!?

25. Music can be deadly?

funny design fails 4

26. Would you know what accident to do?

27. Experts in security.

funny design fails 8

28. Walking down the stairs in style.

29. This elephant slide.

funny design fails 10

30. Finally, a fire blaster.

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